Our healthcare expert attended the IV. Primary Care Conference for Healthcare Professionals on Friday, where she gave a presentation on the possibilities of using software to support dietetic education. During the congress, experiences drawn during the pandemic period were discussed, as healthcare workers faced tasks and obstacles that had never been experienced before during this challenging time. We tried to respond quickly and effectively to these challenges when we developed a new consulting format, of which the ALSAD Medical application is an integral part. This method can play a significant role in professions where there is an insufficient number of professionals in primary care, such as dietitians, and thus the quality of care is compromised. Today, it is entirely natural for healthcare services to be provided through teleconsultation. It is an undeniable fact that the digital transformation of healthcare is taking place, and it has accelerated incredibly in recent times. With increased attention and appropriate regulation, these applications can be used with outstanding professional quality, not least cost-effectively, to improve the quality of life, prevention, and everyday healing work.

Our healthcare specialist – Erika Simonová
Our IT specialist – László Varga