A few days ago, we had the honor of responding to an exceptional invitation! We gave a presentation at Semmelweis University’s Faculty of Health Sciences for students participating in the PhD program. We discussed how healthcare digitalization can support and enhance the efficiency of healthcare professionals’ work. We also introduced the ALSAD Medical application.

Despite fears (and misconceptions), it must be said that healthcare digitalization will serve the benefit of both providers and recipients of healthcare. But why?

  • Through digitalization, dietitians and doctors can access patients’ data in a timely, organized, analyzed, and easily understandable format. This assists in understanding the patient’s condition, establishing accurate diagnoses, and monitoring the patient.
  • Digitalization enables remote healthcare provision. Patients’ conditions and activities can be tracked without the need for frequent in-person meetings or strict time constraints.

Digitalization can bring about the most personalized healthcare by leveraging digital patient data, treatment records, and intelligent software that can save time for doctors, dietitians, and healthcare professionals. This allows them to tailor treatment by considering all factors of the patient’s condition. These applications can be used with outstanding cost-effectiveness in improving quality of life, prevention, and everyday healing work.

Our healthcare specialist – Erika Simonová
Our IT specialist – László Varga