The diagnosis of dementia is a slow and time-consuming process. Until now, there hasn’t been any artificial intelligence algorithm in Hungary that could help detect the early signs of dementia. The PreDEM (Prevention Dementia Measuring System) solution developed by us may offer a way to screen and examine dementia in its early stages, even before someone reaches old age and displays easily noticeable symptoms.

Our team had the opportunity to present our pioneering PreDEM project at the 2023 congress organized by the European Academy of Neurology (EAN), and our publication was featured in the European Journal of Neurology. When we talk about prevention, we often mention nutrition, exercise, stress management, and sleep, but preserving and maintaining our mental state and cognitive functions are equally important aspects of staying healthy and fit!

Our neurology specialist – Dr. Mária Sátori MD
Our healthcare specialist – Erika Simonová
Our IT specialist – László Varga and Zoltán Gelencsér