The new application to be developed by Netis Zrt. and SimnNest Aviation kft., named PreDEM, is going to screen the earliest, otherwise unnoticeable signs of dementia by using early screening methods, risk management tools assisted AI technology, smart games measuring cognitive abilities as well as eye-tracking diagnostic tools. Being a complex and innovative system, it will be offering the early detection of dementia for individuals in the highest risk groups.

In addition, PreDEM will offer a support tool system for those who already have this chronic condition, however, they intend to look after themselves independently.

PreDEM “Prevention Dementia Measuring System – Prevenciós szűrő vizsgálati rendszer kifejlesztése a demencia korai fázisú vizsgálatához” (Preventative screening and examination system development to detect early stage dementia) was awarded with a development grant within the call titled „PIACVEZÉRELT KUTATÁS-FEJLESZTÉSI ÉS INNOVÁCIÓS PROJEKTEK TÁMOGATÁSA (2019-1.1.1-PIACI KFI)” (Market-oriented R&D and Innovation Projects Support (2019-1.1.1-PIACI KFI)).