Over the weekend, we participated in the Congress of the Hungarian Society of Nutrition, where we had the opportunity to listen to excellent presentations alongside renowned researchers and experts in the field of nutrition science in Hungary. Our healthcare expert, Erika Simonová, also contributed to the lineup of speakers!

From the presentations, we learned that in 2021, only 68% of healthcare institutions had met the staffing requirements (an average of 1.2 or fewer dietitians per 100 hospital beds). Unfortunately, this leads to a decrease in patients’ access to dietary counseling, which negatively impacts the quality of care. Yet, timely nutritional intervention plays a significant role at all levels of prevention! It is now proven that if we could access the assistance of dietitians in primary care, it could result in significant cost savings for society!

In achieving this goal, healthcare software solutions, such as ALSAD, can be of immense help. The main message of our presentation was that we should not be afraid of digitalization, as innovative digital healthcare and services can improve the quality of care, increase access to healthcare, and enhance its efficiency.

Our healthcare specialist – Erika Simonová
Our IT specialist – László Varga