On March 4, the International page of Kognitivtesztek.hu also launched in two more languages ​​(English and Spanish) at Predemplatform.com. How does the Predemplatform.com Neurological Preventive Screening and Therapeutic Platform help?

PreDEM helps in the early-phase examination of neurodegenerative diseases, even before an individual shows easily noticeable symptoms of diseases upon reaching old age. We have implemented cognitive games, tests, and therapies for Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, and dementia in collaboration with neurologists. These are performed at home and the digital imprint of our cognitive behavior is recorded during the process.

Benefits of GOLD access:

  • Access to all 15 types of cognitive games
  • Evaluation of game results
  • Continuous monitoring based on game results
  • Patient education descriptions
  • Health data measurement
  • Connection of smart devices

The Predemplatform.com PreDEM Neurological Preventive Screening and Therapeutic Platform can help in the process of monitoring cognitive health.

Monitoring the state of our brain PLAYFULLY: www.predemplatform.com