After fundamental changes in several sectors and industries, digital transformation now means rapid changes in healthcare.  Digital treatments, automated patient education, big data analysis or sensor-supported patient monitoring are all part of the change.

Except for a few cases, most of the changes seem to be technology-led, while it would be crucial to involve medical professionals, patients and health service provider organisations to fully benefit from what technology can offer.

We are tech companies, working closely with industry, health providers, researchers, doctors and other health specialists to develop solutions which provide real support and assistance both for patients and medical pros. We need an active discussion with users and specialists to have a real understanding about needs and elements where we can add value – from reducing time of patient education and prevention or offering fine-tuned, personalised diet suggestions for those with a serious chronic condition to reliable solutions to fight hospital superbugs or super-fast and super-reliable CT segmentation.

As an industry professional, you might already be aware what digital technologies can offer in healthcare and would be open for a discussion with tech professionals how blockchain, mobile technologies, image  and data analysis or digital patient assistance/digital treatments can improve the efficiency of medical diagnoses and treatment.

Come and join our workshop at the prestigious location of the Hungarian Embassy in central London on 17 October 2019 to discuss various aspects of digital health technologies to support UK and European healthcare and patient safety together.

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Due to seating and security limits, the event is invitation-only, however, if interested to attend, please contact us directly if an invitation can be issued.