Are you in the group who can benefit from a remote IT/software department?

As promised, let’s have a closer look at those groups who can get maximum benefit from outsourced IT services of a small specialist team. Is your organization in one of these groups?

Industry specialists under the radar of big IT companies

Your core business is something different – you use IT (probably a lot) but do not want to invest into developing and maintaining it but want to focus on your key activities. You might even feel somewhat uncomfortable when it comes to technical issues – but could value impartial advice without tech jargon or “specialists” without knowing much about your industry.

You need a specialist IT partner if your business needs exceed the opportunities offered by standard, off-the-shelf software and technology products – or you have already burnt your fingers (and wasted some of your cash) on it.

Are you a service company having its core business in healthcare, Digital Health, Elderly/Chronic Care or modern forms of education? Do you manage lots of data, from numbers to videos? Need to convert a legacy function into a cloud application with data migration? Talk to us to see how much help we can provide.

Startups and innovators

Your team has a brilliant idea. You also have a clear picture about the users and their pains, needs and expectations. But currently you have no more resources than 3-4 enthusiastic people and some initial funding to reach your MVP (Minimum Viable Product). You know exactly (or more or less exactly) how it is going to work – but need a group of experienced tech people to make it a reality – including rigorous technical testing or an attractive front-end design.

Are you a startup from the digital health/medtech scene and need a web or mobile application to support your idea and deliver a brand new service to customers? Talk to us to see if fast development can help you to achieve your goals.

(Secret tip: we also know this and that about various grant schemes in Europe, including Horizon2020 or SME Instrument, and a few region-specific schemes. We are not afraid of documenting our work or support you in writing a good proposal. We are not grant application specialists, but know enough to overcome initial difficulties.)

Software developers in regions where IT talent is scarce and expensive

£660 a day, right? Or even over £800+VAT. But if you are not lucky, you do not get them even at this price – they work somewhere else and say “no” to you. You may not be able to afford them, while your project may not able to afford replacing seniors with juniors or inexperienced team members. You also may not be able to risk the challenges arising from cultural or regulatory issues – you need people who had been there and done that before, know those standards and understand the goals without drowning into endless meetings and e-mail threads to explain what, when, and how (and driving your own senior staff crazy).

You may also lack resources to recruit, relocate (maybe entire families) and meet additional cost of attracting the right talent – especially for a single, fixed time project. However, that project is important – and can boost your business if you can afford initial cost of experienced and skilled team members.

Are you a software company delivering solutions for the healthcare or social care sector? Do you develop sophisticated data warehouses for companies in the healthcare, transform or manufacturing sector? Is process management important for you and you have regulatory requirements to observe? Do you have an opportunity which could improve your business significantly if, say, you had 2 more senior .NET programmers or people with real experience in blockchain technologies or VR? Talk to us.

Do you have “issues” with testing, implementation and Quality Assurance during your software project? Can you see the point where automatic testing is worth the effort – which is going to be my next blog post on 4 July.

Author: Eva Lajko